Wellsville Area Ministerial Association
Volunteer Chaplaincy Daily Procedure/Checklist

  • The Chaplain (on-call/duty) shall serve on a rotating schedule for three (3) consecutive days (approximately once a month).
  • The Chaplain shall be on call for 24-hours a day and reachable by telephone through the duration of their scheduled shift. Each shift begins at 7:00 a.m. of their first scheduled day.
  • In addition to emergency calls, the Chaplain shall visit the hospital each day of their scheduled time period to serve the hospital personnel/staff in any way needed and to make their daily patient rounds (as a rule between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.)
  • It is up to each Chaplain to either exchange shifts with another scheduled Chaplain or to see that their shift is covered by a Reserve Chaplain should they become unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances during any particular scheduled shift. The Chaplain making the change is to immediately notify the hospital switchboard and the Coordinating Chaplain of any changes made.
  • It is expected that the on-call Chaplain will offer their professional services by holding as closely as possible to and by implementing the following daily procedure:
  1. Visit the Hospital Daily during your scheduled time-period.
  2. Wear your ID Badge at all times while visiting in the hospital.
  3. Check in with the Hospital Switchboard for the updated chaplaincy list and review notes (if any) made from the previous Chaplain.
  4. Check in with the Surgical Unit (and waiting area) downstairs.
  5. Check in with the Emergency Room (ER).
  6. Check in at the ICU Waiting Room to see if there are any special needs.
  7. Check in with ICU to see if there are any patient needs.
  8. Check in with the 2nd Floor Nurses Station to see if there are any patient needs. (Be especially considerate of staff during shift changes between the hours of 3:00-4:00 p.m.)
  9. Make Patient Rounds for those who have requested Chaplain’s visits and of any staff referrals.
  10. Check in with Maternity to see if there are any patient needs.
  11. Note all Visits (name, date & time) along with a BRIEF memo concerning any significant matters in the chaplaincy record.
  12. Return the Chaplaincy Record to the hospital switchboard.
  13. Check in one last time with the Emergency Room (ER) to see if there are any additional patient needs.

Thank You for your dedicated service to the community and to the hospital!

Jones Memorial Hospital

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